Did you lose something at the festival? Don’t panic, all lost and found is with the Dour police. Connect to www.policehautspays.be or contact +32 (0)65 611 040 before 12 o'clock on Tuesday, the 22nd or +32 (0)65 75 15 00 after 12 o'clock Tuesday, the 22nd.
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Akhenaton et Faf Larage
{FRA (Marseille)}
This is a project that came out of the collaboration by the IAM frontman Akhenaton and the composer of the theme-tunes for the film Neuilly Sa Mère and the French television airing of Prison Break, Faf La Rage. Their album is THE rap collaboration of the year. If you remember the legendary IAM concert from Dour 2009, then you will know that we are in for a show that will be out of the ordinary! (Dour Festival 2011)
Dour Festival : 2011