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Q- What should I do if I have a ticket problem?

First of all contact your ticket retailer :


  • Via e-mail
  • Belgium: 0900/701.55 (€ 0,50 / min)
  • Germany: 01805/554968 (€ 0,14 / min)
  • France / UK: +31 (0)20-7009 802
  • Netherlands: 0900 / 7295 6442 (€ 0,40 / min)

Q- When will the Dour Festival 2014 be held ?

The event will as always be spread over 4 days from Thursday July 17th until Sunday the 20th.

The camping site will open on Wednesday July 16th at 4pm.

Q- What is included in the 130 Euros + booking fee ?

With your 130 Euros ticket you have access to 4 days of concerts from midday until 5am on the festival’s stages. This ticket also entitles you to get on board the shuttle that links Saint-Ghislain train station and the festival site for FREE.

The Camping site will open on Wednesday July 16th at 4pm.

The Local Council forbids us to open the camping site before 4pm, there is no need for you to arrive before that as you will be sent away. On Wednesday July 16th we will NOT allow anybody in the camping site AFTER midnight. Access will be re-opened at 9am the next day. During the festival you will be able to pick up your camping pass from 9am until midnight every day.

PLEASE NOTE : You have to leave the site on Monday July 21th by midday.

Q- What’s included in the Camping Pass ?

Your Camping Pass will give you access to the following facilities :

  • free toilets
  • security
  • showers (= € 2)
  • free running water
  • free medical assistance [ 24h a day] : doctors, nurses, ambulances, medications
  • kitchen zones “cooking islands”
  • bakeries, shops, bars
  • recycling zones
  • free bin bags

There will be general lighting but no electricity outlets. In order to get access to the camping site, you must be in possession of a camping & gigs wristband. You will have to exchange your ticket for a wristband at the festival gates. We would like to advise you to book your ticket in advance and make sure it includes camping.

Q- I bought a tent / chair at Dour Camping Shop. How can I obtain it?

Camping items purchased online at Dour Camping Shop are not delivered by the Post way. Once the purchase completed, we’ll send you an e-mail confirming the transaction and containing a coupon. Print the coupon and take it with you to Dour Festival. You can exchange it at the “Dour Camping Shop by Go Sport” that is situated at the camp site during the festival.

Q- My ticket does not reflect my name but that of someone else, is this a problem?

No the names on the tickets are not checked at the festival entrance.

Q- Can I come to the festival with my kids ? Is there a special price for them ?

Of course you can bring your kids along, the entrance is free for the under 12. However we do not recommend bringing young children for long periods of time.

Q- I have won a ticket without access to the camp ground, what to do?

It will be possible to purchase an additional camp ground pass at the festival entrance.


Q- I want to go to Dour Festival but i didn’t buy my pre-sale ticket, what to do?

At the festival, the prices will be :

  • One day ticket: 65 €
  • 4-days pass: 125 €
  • 4-days pass + camping: 145 €